Are you prepared for a world driven by digital, data & AI?

We equip you with the expertise to successfully deliver benefit from your investments

Navigating how your business benefits from digital, data & AI technologies can be difficult

You want an edge in your marketplace. To not get left behind. You don’t just want digital, data or artificial intelligence “tools” or “solutions”.

You want to set your business up for success, to be masters of your own destiny. Not beholden to a system or supplier for years to come.

But what’s right for your organisation? Where do you start? What benefits can you expect? Which technology and supplier should you choose? What internal capabilities do you need to have in place?

Or perhaps you’ve started your journey and are experiencing challenges or are concerned with the long-term maintainability of the digital, data & AI capability you’re developing.

Tapping into benefits isn’t just about tools & technology

You need to set yourself up for success.

The right people with the right expertise, working in the right way, with the right support throughout your organisation.

As an example, success using AI relies on high-quality Business-Ready Data.

However, making data “business-ready” is not a minor undertaking. It impacts teams across your business and takes months or even years to achieve depending on the size of your organisation and the quality of the data you hold.

In the 2023 Gartner IT Symposium Research Super Focus Group, only 4% of respondents said their data is AI-ready. While 37% said they are well positioned to have AI-ready data, 55% reported that “it will be difficult”.

YOur keys to success

We’re here for you. We’re here to help you become the best consumer of digital, data & AI services you can be.

We work with you to simplify the digital, data & AI landscape so you can use cutting-edge services in your business with confidence and increase the returns on your investment.

When you work with Reach, you’ll develop lasting capabilities that continue to deliver benefits well beyond our engagement.

Clear Objectives

Clearly defined target outcomes ensure a focused investment, greater business buy-in and a higher chance of success.

From upfront visioning sessions to validation of existing projects, our targeted approach will help you clearly articulate what you want to achieve and how to do it.

Reliable Delivery

Having confidence in your ability to deliver all the way to user adoption, business change and benefits. This includes effectively managing the range of stakeholders, partners and suppliers.

We bring proven experience, a focus on continuous learning and offer AI-enabled delivery operations.

Business-Ready Data

Business-Ready Data

Data is the backbone of modern business – and critical to unleashing the benefits that digital, data & AI solutions can bring.

Well-managed data is a strategic asset which is secure, trusted, good quality, and easy to access.

We guide you in effectively managing and using your data.

Introducing Reach Digital & Data Group

Reach Digital & Data Group specialises in working with organisations to set them up for success in the world of digital, data & AI.

Our collaboration with leading industry partners and our academic partnerships enable us to deliver tailored, innovative outcomes that are designed to align with strategic objectives and deliver business value.

Business-Ready Data

how we’re different

What differentiates us is our collaborative approach.

At Reach, we work alongside your team, sharing insights and skills – leaving your organisation empowered and self-sufficient.

Whether you’re initiating or advancing your digital, data & AI journey, our mission is to ensure the capabilities we develop together continue to drive value long after our engagement.

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