We’re on your side

customer first, every time

In the world of IT, there’s a fundamental distinction between being on the customer side and the supplier side.

On the supplier side, you’re part of an organisation selling technology solutions. On the customer side, you’re either within an organisation buying these solutions or representing their interests.

At Reach, we’re firmly on the customer side. Our extensive work with FTSE100 companies, major public sector departments, and nationally significant programmes has always been about advocating for the customer.

We understand your needs and challenges firsthand, making us uniquely positioned to bridge the often complex gap between technology sellers and buyers. By aligning ourselves with our customer, we ensure that technology solutions truly serve their intended purpose, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

Why this matters

The distinction is crucial because it influences our approach and priorities.

Our allegiance to the customer side means we focus on ensuring that technology solutions are not just implemented but are the right fit for our customer’s needs, setting them up for success right from the start.

This philosophy underpins everything we do at Reach.

Introducing our Founders

Gavin Mander – Founder and Director

Gavin has over two decades experience within data and technology, with a large proportion focussed on helping organisations enhance their data capabilities to deliver business value. Gavin is committed to helping organisations become self-sufficient in managing their data, ensuring long-term business value through strategic, innovative, and collaborative approaches. His experience covers the full data lifecycle, including the creation of robust data governance structures, cloud-based data solutions, and real-time analytics frameworks.

Gavin’s career has been across a number of sectors including Retail, Health & Social Care, Technology and Public Sector; this has included Head Of & Director level roles within FTSE100 organisations and he has led delivery of public sector programmes of national significance. He has contributed to industry data management and AI forums as well as podcasts on data strategy.

Jonathan Knott – Founder and Director

Jonathan has more than 30 years experience leading digital programmes, focusing on driving growth through effective management and execution. His career has been dedicated to translating business strategies into actionable programmes using methodologies such as MSP, Prince2, Agile, SAFe, and Lean. Jonathan’s expertise includes digital transformation, system integration, application development, and data initiatives encompassing BI & analytics.

Jonathan’s career spans multiple sectors, including Health, Telecoms and Public Sector. He has held senior roles such as Programme Director and Head of Delivery Operations, where he has been successfully involved in large-scale projects such as the NHS England Covid-19 Digital Programme where he managed a budget exceeding £300m. Jonathan is known for fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring both immediate business value and long-term strategic benefits for organisations.

Our commitment to you:


Every decision we make is guided by what’s best for you.

Lasting impact

We’re here to implement changes that go beyond the immediate, giving you benefits that sustain over time.


We’ll leave your organisation stronger and more capable than when we arrived.


We’re open about our role and how long we’ll be involved from the very beginning.

Needs-based services

If you don’t need it, we won’t suggest it.

Our recommendations are tailored to your specific requirements.


Your why

We aim to fully understand the ‘why’ behind your goals and will persistently seek clarity to ensure we’re on the right path.

Connecting the Dots

We ensure a clear link between your business objectives and the digital, data & AI changes and the benefits they’re expected to deliver. If we can’t make this connection, we won’t recommend proceeding.

Independent advice

We don’t have a stake in selling specific technology products or services.

Our advice is always unbiased and in your best interest.

Building trust together

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with you.

It enables us to work together towards making decisions that are truly right for your organisation.

This is why we choose partners who support our mission and embody our customer-first approach.

Our partners

We have chosen our partners to give us a broad range of proven capabilities. This means that we can offer a flexible proposition and tailor the right approach for each of our customers.

We also have academic partnerships to further enhance the solutions available to our customers.

feedback from our customers


A previous client who has operated at CEO/MD level within SME & FTSE100 organisations shared:

“I have worked with Reach on a couple of occasions and found their approach to be refreshing. All too often you enter into a consulting arrangement that can quickly turn into ‘upsell’ or you become so dependent on the consultant to fill a gap in your organisation it is very difficult to then remove the cost and stand alone.

I have always felt that Reach walk with me and then alongside, by that I mean that when I need more detailed support they are available to provide, but when the organisation starts to be able to stand on their own two feet they are ready to walk away.  I was always safe in the knowledge that they were at the end of the phone to offer advice that was built on the relationships we had built rather than the need for a new PO!

All of the teams were good to work with, adapting well to the environment. However, I was comforted that behind the friendly can-do approach were many many years of experience. That experience and the working relationship we built meant that they were never afraid to say push back when they thought the direction was wrong, however the level of pragmatism they brought also mean they respected and understood that a purist approach to the problem was not always the answer that was required.

It felt more like I had an embedded team than a 3rd party consultant and that’s testament to the individuals, the tools they brought  and the approach they took.”

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