Empowering you to become an expert consumer of digital, data & AI

Now is the time

At Reach, we’re committed to equipping your organisation with the skills to successfully get the full value from your investment in digital, data & AI services.

By partnering closely, we aim to build your internal capabilities to a level where you can independently sustain and grow these advancements.

The reach model

clear objectives

Reliable delivery

Business-ready data

Client empowerment

Clear Objectives

Strategic clarity is the starting point for success

In today’s fast-changing technology landscape, it’s crucial to align your digital, data & AI initiatives with your overall business goals.

By doing so, you can ensure that every investment you make in digital, data & AI directly contributes to your core business objectives and helps optimise resources and efforts.

This approach transforms technology from a tool into a strategic driver for business success.

We help set your business objectives

At Reach, we facilitate collaborative sessions involving your key stakeholders and experts from our team.

These sessions are designed to help you:

• Understand the opportunities that digital, data & AI can open up for your organisation.

• Clearly articulate any existing technology problems to understand how to resolve them.

• Define the value you want to achieve and describe it in simple terms, such as outcomes and key results.

• Prioritise against business objectives.

• Identify key activities required for success.

How we support you

We have expertise in User-Centred Design (UCD), agility, and experience in setting strategic objectives for our clients.

We provide market and technology insights to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our focus is on engagement across the entire organisation, from top management championing and clearly communicating objectives to creating communities within the business.

Reliable delivery

Build confidence you’ll be successful

A reliable delivery capability is crucial in building confidence across key stakeholders that investment in digital, data & AI services will lead to business benefits.

We bring experience across a range of delivery methodologies that we tailor to suit your needs.

The capability we develop with you helps you to adapt to market changes and technology advancements, making your reliable delivery capability a fundamental aspect of your organisational success.

We help build your delivery confidence

At Reach, we support organisations set themselves up to successfully deliver their digital, data & AI capabilities across the following areas:

• Setting up appropriate programme, project and PMO structures.

• Providing agile delivery to enhance flexibility, speed and responsiveness in project execution.

• Navigating digital, data & AI tooling and supplier selection.

• Offering technical advice and guidance on integrating digital, data & AI products into existing IT capability.

• Stakeholder, partner and supplier management.

We define “delivery” as an end-to-end process through benefits realisation, starting with initial experimentation (build-measure-learn) through to the delivery of business change and tracking of benefits. Our aim is to help build your delivery confidence and ensure you achieve your expected benefits.

How we support you

Our team brings a wealth of proven delivery expertise and effective strategies to the table, to help upskill your staff through tailored training and knowledge transfer.

We work alongside you to determine the improvements needed to establish a reliable delivery capability.

We offer access to project, programme, technical, and business analysis resources to support your team as required, for as long as needed.

We can also support your talent plans and recruitment.

To further enhance your reliable delivery capability, we are developing an AI-enabled delivery operations product.

Business-ready data

Data is the backbone of modern business

Managing your data well has never been more vital for business success. Well-managed data will:

• Unlock the transformative benefits of new technology such as generative AI.

• Empower your staff to use data to improve business performance and deliver impactful business benefits.

• Understand how to improve sustainability in your organisation and prepare for the upcoming ESG regulation.

Well-managed data is a strategic asset – it will be secure, trusted, good quality and easy to access.

We enable data-driven business value

At Reach, we help you put in place the right data management capabilities to deliver business value:

• Put tools such as generative AI in the hands of staff with confidence they’re using the correct data and operating within an agreed privacy and ethical framework.

• Create stakeholder communities to help you ensure you’re delivering data solutions that will have the most impact on your business.

• Fix data issues that are holding your business back.

• Improve productivity, speed-to-value and flexibility of your data development teams.

• Equip you with the right data foundations for future success.

Business-Ready Data

How we support you

We bring proven expertise in data and data management disciplines to help you upskill your team through tailored training and knowledge transfer.

Our experience in implementing end-to-end data governance and analytics solutions allows us to pinpoint areas where data management improvements can lead to the greatest business benefits.

We have pre-built plans for areas such as AI and ESG data readiness.

We can provide data management operational support.

Client empowerment

Empowering our customers is at the heart of what we do

We commit to two levels of empowerment:

1. We mentor our customers to be self-sufficient, reducing their dependency on external services.

2. We champion empowerment within our customer’s teams – we provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to use and innovate with digital, data & AI services.

Empowerment within your organisation is key to effectively leveraging digital, data & AI services and unlocking business value.

We facilitate client empowerment

At Reach, we champion your journey:

• Equipping your team with the critical skills and knowledge.
• Managing risk through comprehensive technology setup, policy development and clear guidelines.
• Supporting cultural shifts that encourage decision-making throughout the organisation.
• Creating communities of support to bolster peer learning and collaboration.
• Fostering a culture of continuous learning, ensuring your organisation stays ahead.

By putting these capabilities in place we facilitate our customers to become self-sufficient.

How we support you

Our engagement approach is bespoke and tailored to you.

We plan our exit from the start, establishing a clear roadmap for our services based on your needs.

By embedding our experts within your teams, we deliver hands-on learning experiences, transfer essential skills, and develop ways of working tailored to your organisation.

Our focus on building your internal capabilities ensures that your organisation becomes self-sufficient.

We can support the development of your operating models and any recruitment you need to make.

Find your starting point

We tailor our services to meet you exactly where you are in your digital journey.

At the start of your journey

We help you set out a clear roadmap for success, focusing on establishing a solid base for future growth.

We can help you understand the opportunities, build investment cases, advise on what you need to put in place.

On your digital, data & AI journey

If you’re looking to improve what you already have, we offer targeted support.

Perhaps you have a specific problem that’s holding you back from delivering your target objectives.

Or maybe you’re concerned with the long-term maintainability of the digital, data & AI capability you’re developing.

We’ll use our key success factors: Clear Objectives, Reliable Delivery and Business-Ready Data to evaluate your progress and help you to course-correct if necessary.

How we set you up for success


It’s essential to understand the challenges you’re experiencing and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Objective Sessions

We always start with an Objective Session, whether that’s to identify the benefits that digital, data & AI can bring to your organisation or to workshop a specific issue. Our priority is ensuring there is clarity on what you want to achieve.

Current State Assessments

Our Current State Assessments review your current digital, data & AI capability against our key success factors: Clear Objectives, Reliable Delivery and Business-Ready Data. This will identify improvements you should consider, with clear business benefits for each.


At Reach, we’re not about improving process for the sake of improving process, or ivory tower strategic statements – we roll up our sleeves and get hands-on with your teams.

We’re here to get you operating at the level you need to be successful.

We believe the best approach to setting up capability that is right for you is to work alongside your teams to implement digital, data & AI services. Showcasing and embedding best practices in real-time.

We work on real problems, real projects, and we fix problems and deliver value with you.

We deliver ways of working that are tailored to your organisation and will have longevity because they have been developed in a real-world environment.

You’re in control

The Reach mission is to empower you to continue successfully once we’ve gone.

At a point, decided by you, we’ll transition you to a self-sufficient, sustainable position where you feel confident and in control of managing and sustaining your digital, data & AI capabilities.

We’re here for you

No matter where you are on your business’s digital, data & AI journey, we can help you maximise the benefits from your investment and leave you with the capabilities to continue extracting value for years to come.